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Elevate your well-being in Nairobi, Kenya!

Power Of The Pause Retreat 2025

Secure your spot in the Exclusive Power of the Pause 2025 BIPOC Women's Restorative Wellness Retreat. Limited spaces available – apply today and celebrate the complexity of our community. Rest is Resistance!


Meet Your Yoga Hostess, Ellie.

(Leah) Elizabeth Wangugi 

Restorative Yoga Specialist, Weight Loss Success Story, TikTok Influencer, Travel and Animal lover, Classic Overachiever?


Hi, I'm Elizabeth and I'm just like you. Busy Superwomen. Boss Queen! Always on my grind to make sure my life was a success on my terms. I was... burnt out! Overweight. Stressed. Tired. Then...COVID lockdown. The world shut down and I retreated into myself. The results?? I lost over 120lbs, found restorative yoga, and FINALLY EXPERIENCED PURPOSEFUL REST! I fell in love with movement and went on to become and Gentle Yoga specialist.

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(Hurry! Only 23 spots open!!)

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At E.E., we believe there is no point in being driven if you're not purpose-driven. See how our intimate and indulgent experiences serve the community. Check out what our past clients have to say about their personalized experiences.

"Elizabeth has a wonderful class and the perfect pace!"

Member of GoYoga Studio Dublin Ohio

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