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When Elizabeth Wangugi returned home to Ohio

Exclusive Excursions was created in 2023

Exclusive Excursions was created in 2023 when Elizabeth Wangugi returned home to Ohio after visiting family in Kenya for a month. Ellie came home with a singular focus. To share what she had experienced with black and brown women all over the world.  The active putting down of anxieties and allowing for stillness. All the while letting blessings just gently drift to you. It's an incredible experience of peace. Power of the Pause 2024 Retreat was born.

Exclusive Excursion. was launched to provide safe, luxurious, and restorative wellness experiences that promote holistic wellness, inner peace, guilt-free relaxation, and mind-body-soul connection for women.

Our brand identity observes that we create luxurious spaces for holistic rest. E.E. believes that true rest requires permission, is an action, and is just as important as any work. We welcome you to a safe space to take real rest. The key to full rest is creating a space where the whole body, including the mind, is at ease. At E.E. we believe in the value of being around humans with our same experience. Rest is Resistance!

Meet Ellie

(Leah) Elizabeth Wangugi

(Leah) Elizabeth Wangugi dropped her first name when, after losing 100lbs, she walked into a Barre Class (full of thin white women) and wasn't recognized by the Barre instructor as Leah.


"I don't want to deadname her because Leah saved me when I was young. She represents my inner child. But, I do release her and inherit Elizabeth as the BOSS woman I am now. I'm a very different person. Unrecognizable from before."

Ellie became a certified Yin Yoga instructor after successfully losing 120lbs over COVID lockdown. She decided to maintain an active lifestyle by making the safe and luxurious movement of the body her life's work! That combined with her love of travel led Elizabeth to a new path.


" There is an other way to live. I was chained to a desk fat, sick and nearly dead for years but it's not all hustle and work and grind culture. That's not how you get to health and wealth."


Elizabeth Wangugi received her 200hr certificate through CorePower Yoga. She has earned 40hr specialization in Yin and Restorative Work with BIPOC bodies. She is a resident teacher of GoYoga Dublin, Columbus Ohio.

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