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1 on 1 virtual yoga classes 60 mins $25 (Specializations include Yin yoga, Restorative Yoga, Relaxation, Slow Power Yoga) (Available classes include: Beginners flow, Restorative flow, Deep Stretch, Slow Burn, Slow Flow, Full Yin).

Why Yin and Restorative Yoga? Girl, You need to RELAX!

  • Creates joint mobility, and strength for your hips and back pain.

  • Restores energy levels to play with the kids and grandkids!

  • Improves balance and coordination for shaking it on the dance floor like your young again!

  • Yoga has been proven to aid in the reductions of anxiety, depression, insomnia and general stress. Relaxing is a mental practice.

  • Increases circulation for that cold feeling in your hands.

  • Helps develop compassion for oneself and others.



1 on 1 virtual mediation classes 60mins $45

(Classes conducted after consultation and client needs evaluation). Yes! Even you can meditate...

  • Rest helps manage stress levels, improves mood, and helps alleviate the symptoms of many medical and psychological disorders. It can also increase concentration and memory, stimulate and improve creativity, and help you avoid depression and anxiety.

  • Rest helps support a healthy immune system. It does this by triggering the body's parasympathetic "rest-and-digest" response. This also assists a healthy digestive system. Aids in maintaining a healthy weight.


(Best for last!) 1 on 1 breathwork session 45mins $35 (Session conducted after consultation and client evaluation) Control the breath, control the body. Take control of your life!

Breathwork can help with:

  • Reducing feelings of trauma

  • Alleviating feelings of anxiety and depression

  • Sharpening mental focus

  • Improving alertness, focus, and memory

  • Promoting creativity

  • Boosting mood

  • Strengthening respiratory function

  • Promoting deep sleep

  • Balancing blood pressure

  • Improving immune system

  • Natural pain management 

  • Releasing stress hormones from the body

  • Helping put the brakes on an acute stress response

  • Diverting the health problems associated with chronic stress

  • Eliciting the body's relaxation response

Classes can be scheduled with Calendly and/or Zoom online!

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